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What makes AEBL's Epion mask different?

you get not one, not two... but three masks!

mask 1
copper mask

Copper has antimicrobial properties, meaning it can kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus. Flexible material of this copper mask also provides unmatched comfort.

mask 2
nano mask

Nano technology provides ultimate breathability from the inside all while protecting you from the outside with 97% fine dust filter rate. Mesh visibility also allows you to show off your smile.

mask 3
double mask

Combine the two masks and you get a mask with unprecedented protection, breathability and comfort. It is simply the best mask in the world. Period.

why our mask is undisputed #1

features & specifications

Copper Benefits

Copper is known to provide protection against virus and germs as they will die within minutes of getting in contact with copper.

nano fabric

Nanoparticles are ultra-small. Some of these masks are made with one billion tiny fibers woven in, called nanowhiskers.

97% Filter rate

Our patented nano mask has a 97.1% fine dust filter rate which is the highest filter rate in the industry but yet our patented technology allows it to be extrememly breathable.


We use premium fabric that prevents odor even after long periods use. This fabric is also washable so you can throw both masks into the washer to easily clean them.

Quick Dry

If for some reason your mask gets wet, it will dry really quickly because of the quick-dry material that we use which is commonly found these days in workout clothing. The mask is also moisture-wicking, meaning you get double the impact on rainy or sweaty days.

Stretchy = Comfort

We use material that makes the mask very stretchy. Our mask is not one of those masks that provide great protection but looks like gas masks and drains the energy out of you just by wearing it. You can wear our mask all day and there will be times where you forgot that you had a mask on.

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