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Our Technology

Our 3-in-1 Epion mask is comprised of two patent-pending masks.

The outer COPPER mask maximum provides protection as copper is know to kill germs and viruses on contact.
The inner NANO mask provides ultimate breathability through its nanofiber technology.

Our Technology
Detachable & Interchangeable <br> 3-in-1 Mask System

Detachable & Interchangeable
3-in-1 Mask System

According to the situation, you can choose to detach the outer copper mask or the inner nano mask to fit your need. And whenever you feel the urge to protect yourself more, you can always combine the two masks to give yourself ultimate protection.

Lab Tested

Lab Tested

Our masks have gone through rigorous lab tests to before being launched to provide proof of our claims and statements. You can trust our masks because they are tried and true.


Thus Spoke our Customers

I got the double mask for my daughter to use in school and she loves it because she says she can breathe so much better now.

Laurie S.Brooklyn, New York

Absolutely love this dual mask system. I use the inner mask when I go to the gym and then add the outer mask to add more protection when I take the train to go to work.

Jessica B.Manhattan, New York

Versatility is key with this mask. Both layers of masks are very lightweight and comfortable. I wear them separately for different occasions. Really recommend it to those looking for a premium mask.

Megan L.Los Angeles, California

Initially felt it was a bit pricey for a mask but then I realized I was getting two really great masks which can be combined into one supermask! I really feel secure and protected wearing this mask and comfortable on top of that! Highly recommed!

Emma T.Chicago, Illinois